Bruce and Buffy's Blog

Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs, Whidbey Island artists



It might be safe to say that most artist’s websites feature only one artist. As you might have noticed…. not so much with this website.

 As husband and wife we have always worked together. When we started out in the construction business we came up with the name Two Morrows Builders. For years we worked side by side in the field, and now our painting studios are side by side.

We influence each other to some extent, but as you can see, we do have two distinctive styles.

We have always found it to our advantage to work this way. For one thing we always have one another to go to for critiques and suggestions and really, it feels more secure to realize that you don’t have to “go it alone.”

Now, we have been known to steal or borrow subject matter from one another, but again, the media and styles diverge; Buffy paints on clear acrylic and then turns the plate over to create what’s known as reverse painting on Acrylic, and I prefer the old traditional method of oil paint on canvas.

This arrangement probably isn’t right for every one, but our Egos seem to be able to handle it. We think we get, and generate a lot of energy from the back and forth between us, which we then funnel into the production of art.

And --as we tried to point out on the home page-- there is  an “art” in “Partners”.