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Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs, Whidbey Island artists

Bruce & Buffy's Blog: Two Whidbey Island Artists

Bruce & Buffy's home on Whidbey Island.

Bruce & Buffy's home on Whidbey Island.

As a short introduction to us: We are Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs. Two artists who, for the past 30 years have been living and working on two and a half acres near Clinton, Washington on Whidbey Island.  Whidbey is an extraordinarily beautiful island located about 45 minutes north of Seattle. Reached by ferryboat on the south end and by Deception Pass Bridge from the north, the island is host to many artists, glassblowers and musicians. During our time here we have raised a daughter, moved a house, built a new house and got on with life.

Over the years we have we have also built a wood shop with a two person painting studio above, and an attached apartment which we now use as an airbnb rental and a residency for visiting artists who come to use our fully equipped print shop, Flicker Feather Press. Complete with a Takash 30 x 70 printing press, rosin booth, down draft exhaust table, ferric chloride dip tank, industrial hot plate and glass topped work stations, this facility can accommodate up to 5 people at one time.

To sustain our selves we have worked as carpenters, furniture makers and artists. To accomplish this we started Two Morrows Builders, general contractors with an emphasis on “design and build”.  We think of our life together and our very real Partnership as “Art as a life style” and we are thankful for having had the health and stamina to pursue both a construction career and our art endeavors.

We have now come to a time in our lives where we can enjoy the luxury of a day spent in the studio without having to worry about hammers and nails, contracts or table saws.

In this space we would like to express our thoughts on our ongoing pursuit of the visual arts using words and pictures to help you get an understanding of what it is that lights our way.